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FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #12

FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #12

February 9, 2016

After a two month hiatus, we are back in business.  This is our first episode of 2016, and we have chosen this recording session to give our audience a sneak peek in video form as well of what we do here at Greenville Studios.  The video itself can be seen over at the FleaMarket Funk YouTube channel, and the audio for the session is pretty funky.  DJ Prestige goes through some deep African funk cuts, psychedelic soul from Detroit, new tracks from the Pacific Northwest's Liquid Beat Record, a Maurice White early track (R.I.P.), some free jazz from Cultures of Soul's new Boston Area Jazz compilation, West Coast classic hip hop remixed, a NOLA classic re-edit, and a reggae tribute to the G.O.A.T. Muhammad Ali.  Recorded live and in one take at the Greenville Studios in Jersey City, NJ, stay tuned for more episodes and our new FleaMarket Funk TV endeavor which will contain interviews, in the field digging, Big Ups, and more.  If you dig what you hear, please pass it on. 

Live From Greenville Studios Episode #12 Tracklist:


RAMP - Daylight

Jackie Dee - Who

Dick Khoza - Chapita

Sylvan Marc - Listen To Something About Soul Part 1.

Rhythm feat,. Ohmega Watts - Hot 16

Souls of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity (Remix)

TALK OVER The 45 King

107th Street Stickball Team - Rhythm and Soul

Oliver Sain - Bus Stop

Spaghettihead - Funky Axe

Billy Stewart - Summertime

Ernie K-Doe - Here Comes The Girls (Professor Shorthair Remix)

Damu The Fudgemunk - Don't Count Me Out


Bobby Vaughn - Mohamamd Ali

Baird Hersey W/ Dave Leibman  The Year of The Ear - Herds and Hoards

Outro DJ Food


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Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #11

Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #11

September 30, 2015

It's been a few months of being busy, traveling, etc., but the latest Live From Greenville Studios Podcast is finally out.  On this episode we catch up with a grip of funky records in a variety of genres.  We're going to keep the shows down to about an hour or so, perhaps a bit longer for some guests as we move forward, so this is a nice way to get closer the music.  On this episode, we get a few tracks from newcomers F Spot Records out of Los Angeles, a great cover by The Gene Dudley Group, the hottest 45 out right now from DJ Format, some Manchester funk from Buffalo Brothers, a funk rarity that sees its first time on 45, dub from Paris, France, and a few solid offerings from Gary Burton, Ramsey Lewis, and John Kasandra among others.  Broadcasting live and direct from the FleaMarket Funk lab in Jersey City, NJ, please enjoy Episode 11.

Live From Greenville Studios Podcast Episode 11 Track List:

Electric Company Theme
Ramsey Lewis - Party Time
Improject - Steppin'
Sander Sisters - Stone Man
Tom Ze - Jimmy, Rendo-se
The Gene Dudley Group - Inspector Norse
TALKOVER Stanley Turrentine
DJ Format - Kool & The Gangstarr Generation
DJ EFN feat Your Old Droog, Royce The 5'9", Reks, OC - Revolutionary Ride (K Def Remix)
Damu the Fudgemunk - All Green
Buffalo Brothers - Tycho Strut
TALLKOVER Stanley Turrentine
Sounds of the City Experience - Getting Down
John Kasandra - Poor Black Woman, Poor Black Man
Soul Sugar - All I Know
Domestic Bear - Universal Root
Gary Burton - Norwegian Wood

FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville studios Episode #10

FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville studios Episode #10

June 21, 2015

Well, we made it to episode 10 of Live From Greenville Studios.  Almost a year ago we relocated, and we promised we would get a radio show going on, and we are excited to keep on keepin' on.  This episode is an all 45 special.  Nothing but seven inches for the hour plus show.  Not to mention we recorded it on the first day of Summer and Father's Day.  This show is dedicated to my father, who took me from a boy to a man, and showed me what it means to be a father.  It's also dedicated to all you fathers out there who do it and do it well.  Sometimes it is a thankless job, but it always pays off in the end.  This particular episode we highlight new sides from Grace Love and the True Loves, Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7, Pat Van Dyke & DD Spinna, NYC Trust's Swing-A-Ling Series, new rocksteady from Queens, NY, with the Frightnrs, new Poets of Rhythm, Jorun Bombay's edit of JB, plus classic funk tracks from Freda Paine, Moon People, Quincy Jones, We The People and more.  There is something for everyone in number ten, including some new digs from the Jersey City Record riot, reissues from our pal Nik Weston, and a whole lot more.  Stay cool as you crank up these hot lava rocks wherever you are.  As always, if you dig, feel free to also tell a friend.

Live From Greenville Studios Episode #10 Track List

Quincy Jones - Summer In The City
The Soul Investigators - Vulture's Prayer
Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7 - Stop Mr. Ice Cream Man!
Freda Payne - Unhooked Generation
Grace Love & The True Loves - Nobody Sweeter
DJ Format - A to Z of Classic Breaks Remix)
James Brown - Funky Drummer (Jorun Bombay Edit)
Moon People - Land of Love
Bobby Powell - Funky Broadway '69
Pat Van Dyke - Two Sides (DJ Spinna Remix)
TALKOVER Dynamo Productions
Swing A Ling Think I'm a Fool
Techniques All Stars - Love You (Version)
The Frightnrs - I'd Rather Go Blind
Poets of Rhythm - Path of Life
We The People - Right Now
Sharon Revoal - Reaching For Our Star

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FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #9

FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #9

April 27, 2015

Live From Greenville Studios returns for its ninth episode.  DJ Prestige runs through a grip of records including sides from Pete Rodriguez, Jurassic 5, The Tamlins, Professor Brian Oblivion, Herbie Hancock, Yoshi Blessed, and more.  100% all vinyl, the show takes you on a trip through dusty 45s, album cuts, and some new releases for your aural pleasure.  So strap on your headphones and listen to some quality funk, soul, jazz, reggae, and hip hop from the studios of FleaMarket Funk in Jersey City, NJ.  If you dig, please tell a friend.

Live From Greenville Studios Episode #9 Tracklist:

INTRO : Johnny Hammond - Higher Ground

Magic In Threes - Trinity Way

Gene Harris - Higga Boom

Pete Rodriguez - Pete's Madness

Professor Brian Oblivion - Feel The Funk

TALKOVER - Cyclops 4000 "Space Cadillac"<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Jurassic 5 - Jurass Finish First

Sound Providers - Yes Y'All

Grace Love & The True Loves  - Fire (We' Coast Records)

Tyrone Chestnut - The Bump

Oliver Sain - London Express

TALKOVER - Grover Washington Jr. "Mister Magic"

Herbie Hancock - Bringing Down the Birds (B-Boy Edit)

African Souls Band - Nande

The Tamlins - Skin Tight

The Selector - Too Much Pressure

Yoshi  Blessed - Is The Phrase

TALKOVER  Eddie Harris - "Listen Here"

Roy Ayers - The Black Five

The Field Trips - I Like You Lady

OUTRO:  Diamond Man


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FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode#8: Robert Perlman/ Funk For The People

FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode#8: Robert Perlman/ Funk For The People

March 23, 2015

Today we bring you a fresh episode of Live From Greenville Studios.  It's our eighth episode and number eight quite a treat.  For this episode we brought in Robert Perlman of the excellent vinyl music blog Funk For The People.  This site has well over 1600 original vinyl record forty fives of obscure funk, soul, and other assorted funky oddities from Robert's hefty collection.  A lifetime New Yorker, Rob was once the publicist for the Jungle Brothers, worked with A Tribe Called Quest, and tells us some great stories about his time with artists such as the Beastie Boys and others.  We discuss New York City, records (of course), the Roosevelt Hotel record show, and more.  It was our distinct pleasure to have him sit in for a session, as well as give us an incredible all 45 guest set at the end of the show.  We could have done 4 hours of just him and his records easy, so a second show is already being planned.  For now, put on your headphones and enjoy this latest episode.

Jimmy McGriff - Fat Cakes
Upsetters - Popcorn
Inell Young - What Do You See (Yamin Edit)
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Rise of the East
The Mtet - All Growns Up
The Jack Moves - Seasons Change
Skip Jackson and the Natural Experience - Microwave Boogie
Dusty Donuts - Remember Me
Smithstonian - Just Sittin'
Roy Turner - War No More Part 1
Gamith - Darkness
All 45 Guest Set (Robert Perlman/ Funk For The People)
Hebrew Rodgers - Can't Buy Soul
Larry Darnell - Son of a Son of a Slave Part 1
The Right Track - I Gotta Move With The Groove
Duralcha - Ghet-to Funk
Billy Larkin and The Delegates - Funky Fire
The Black Souls - Baki Mutane Nakuka (Black People Crying)
Apollis - What It Is Part 1
The Count Downs - Poached Nuts
King Cain Silvertone Band - Don't Give  A Damn
Penny Goodwin - Too Soon You're Old
Jorge Darden - Alone Again
Dwain Vinyard - Searching For The Truth
Jack Moss &amp; The Soul Injection - Can You Feel It!


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FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #7: Special Guest Pat Van Dyke

FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #7: Special Guest Pat Van Dyke

March 3, 2015

On this edition of Live From Greenville Studios, we have the multi-talented musician, band leader, and composer Pat Van Dyke aka PVD.  Originally, we were supposed to have both he and John 'Sci' Robinson, but another snowstorm blew through and held up John.  We are going to reschedule the two to speak on their musical partnership and more very soon.  PVD brought over some records  as well as a bottle of bourbon to share, which was perfect for a snowed out Sunday here in the Greenville Studios.  During the course of the show we touched on his collaborations, his influences, and he brought a bag of records we played and talked about.  It was my pleasure to have this talented cat in the studio, and along the journey you'll hear some tunes PVD is into these days, as well as new tracks out of the Daptone camp alongside reissued soul from Secret Stash, a new Polyrhythmics track, some of PVD's music (of course), and much, much more.  Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for the next episode coming to your headphones very soon.

INTRO: Pat Van Dyke

Kool and The Gang - Summer Madness

Josephine Taylor - For You My Love

Bennie Sings - Straight Lines

The Pioneers - Pony Express


Polyrhythmics - El Fuego

Saun & Starr - Look Closer

Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble - B Boy Stance


Wayne Carter - Mad Mouth Woman

Herbie Hancock - Trust Me

Sookie - Rhythm On Rhtym (Nik Weston Re-Edit)


The Meltdown - Better Days

Dialated Peoples - Weed vs. Beer

Sergio Mendes - Look Around

Alice Clark - I Keep It Hid

Soul East - Funky Lady Part 1


Pat Van Dyke - Forest Street  Blue

Pat Van Dyke - Frequency

OUTRO Bill Murray and RZA



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FleaMarket Funk: Live Frome Greenville Studios Episode #6: Special Guests Skeme Richards/ Soki Kimura

FleaMarket Funk: Live Frome Greenville Studios Episode #6: Special Guests Skeme Richards/ Soki Kimura

February 24, 2015

This week on Episode #6, we have a special treat for you FleaMarket Funk readers and radio listeners out there.  We were joined by The Nostalgia King, Soul Brother #1, Butta Brother and Hot Peas and Butta founder Skeme Richards as well a drummer Soki Kimura from Osaka Monaurail.  They both stopped by the studio after we took them record digging and out for some burgers here in Jersey City.  During the course of the show we play some funky stuff from around the globe, talk the 45 game, reissuing records, choice hamburgers, shady promoters, staying in our own lane, and more.  We also talk to drummer Soki Kimura from Tokyo, Japan about his involvement in Osaka Monaurail, his influences, and his touring time with the great Marva Whitney.  After our interview (which took place in a raging snowstorm!), Skeme gets down to business and laces us with a 35 minute mix of funky records of all sorts, mostly from Japan and abroad.  Needless to say, there is no track list, so like the old days, you'll have to search for these titles.  We were honored to have both in the studio, and hope you enjoy this as much as we did! It's definitely one for the books.


INTRO - Talkover

The Soul Investigators - Raw Steaks

Dusty Donuts - Jungle Mango (Nauty NMX Rubup)

LTF - Supatravel

Cash Money and Marvelous - Mighty Hard Rocker


Abaco Dream - Life and Death In G & A

Thomas East & The Fabulous Playboys -I Get A Groove 

The Pioneers - More Love

Lorna Bennett - Breakfast In Bed


The Chiefs - ApacheSugarman Three - Turtle Walk

Reuben Wilson - Orange Peel


Fusik - Amen Sister

Soul Scratch - Triumphant Sunday



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Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #5 Special Guest The Jack Moves

Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #5 Special Guest The Jack Moves

February 10, 2015

Episode number five of Live From Greenville Studios features recently signed Wax Poetics artists The Jack Moves.  The duo, who make sweet soul music with elements of hip hop, soul, jazz, funk, and more, stopped by to talk about their record, music and much more.  In between, DJ Prestige plays a variety of funky and soulful favorites for your listening pleasure.  LFGS is an all vinyl radio show/ podcast recorded live in Jersey City, NJ and broadcast to the world.  Always keep vinyl alive and keep diggin' for that real music. 

Intro: Alchemist/ Mobb Deep - "More Like Us"

The JB's - These Are The JB's Pt. 1 & 2

Pretty Purdie - Funky Donkey

The Jack Moves- a Fool For You

INTERVIEW: The Jack Moves

The Ethics - Look At Me Now

Ray Barretto - Right On

Roland Alphonso - Flats

Booker T. and the MGs - Hang Em High

Weldon Irvine - We Gettin' Down

Angelo Bond - Reach For The Moon (Poor People)

Bama The Village Poet - Got Soul

The Devils - Hip Hug Her

INTERVIEW: The Jack Moves

The Keystones - March of the Killer Penguins

Billy Strange - Put A Little Led In Your Zeppelin

Johnny Hammond - Back To The Projects

INTERVIEW: The Jack Moves

Heliocentrics featuring Guilty Simpson - Before I Die

The Counts - Why Not Start All Over Again

Emma Donovan and The Putbacks - Daddy

OUTRO  Medaphor - Overdue

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Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #4 02/02/15

Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #4 02/02/15

February 2, 2015

Blizzard edition! We are back!  After some technical difficulties the radio show is back with a new Mackie Board, new records, and 80+ minutes of heat.  We premier some new records and a lot of 45s we have dug up recently.  A nice mix of funk, soul, hip hop, jazz and reggae to get your day or night going.  All vinyl, all the time Live From Greenville Studios comes at you live from Jersey City, New Jersey and is hosted by DJ Prestige.  If you like what we play, tell a friend.  

INTRO Jean Luc Ponty - Canteloupe Island
Joseph Henry - Who's The King 
Lynn Varnado - Wash and Wear Love 
The Out of Towners - Marton Boys Club 
1/6 - Cosmetic Love - Hope Street 
Winston Scott - My Little Filly
TALKOVER - Funky Bijou Breaks- Tropicoco
Jurassic 5 - Linguistics
The Neopalitans - Funky Yug
Dirty Burners - Hey! Last Minute 
Winston Simonal - Se Voce Pensa  
TALK OVER The  High and Mighty - Dirty Decibals
Honey and the Badgers - Badger Strut 
Groove Holmes & Ernie Watts - Come Together
The Left Bank - Haven't Got The Nerve
The Tremelos - Instant Whip
The Messengers - California Soul
TALK OVER  Artifacts - All Points Bulliten
Pete Rodriguez - Oh That's Nice! Part 1
Tito Puente - Black Brothers 
Bobby LaCour - Hippie Joe 
Stoned Soul Picnic - One Dollar Hotel 
Brother Jack McDuff - Down Home Style
Maulawi - Orotonds
OUTRO Afu Ra - Whirlwind Through Cities Premier Remix
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Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #3: Special Guest Brian Coleman

Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #3: Special Guest Brian Coleman

December 5, 2014

In this third installment of Live From Greenville Studios, we sit down in the lab with hip hop historian, author, and journalist Brian Coleman to discuss his latest book, Check The Technique Vol. 2.  Along the way, we speak on his book series as DJ Prestige digs through Coleman's record bag and  randomly  plays records that the author talks about on the spot.  We also highlight new tracks from Professor Brian Oblivion, Moscow Nightlife, Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble, Baby James, as well as sides from Pseudo Intellectuals, Augustus Pablo, Harumi, Myron & E, and others.  Knowledge was dropped, and if you're a fan of golden age hip hop, you get to hear some great stories behind a few of the records in his Check The Technique book series.  We are excited to have Brian here in the studios as our first guest, and we hope you enjoy what he was waxing poetic about as much as we did.  It's a hefty show (just over two hours), but well worth the price of admission.

Brian Coleman Intro over KMD
Ed OG and The Bulldogs - I Gotta Have It
Professor Brian Oblivion - Like This Clockwork Records
Moscow Nightlife - Moscow Nightlife
The Sorcerer's - The Terror
Brian Coleman Interview over The Coup/ Geto Boys
T.Swift and the Electric Bag - Are You Experienced?
The Blues Project - Flute Thing     
Pseudo Intellectuals - No Money, Mo' Problems
Ice Cube - Jackin' For Beats
Brian Coleman Interview over Rasaan Roland Kirk
Stetsasonic - Sally
Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble - Red Clay
Jade - The Siesta Is Over
Myron & E - Dance The Night away - Do It Disco
Brian Coleman Interview over Gangstarr
Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers
Gravediggaz - Diary Of A Madman
Augustus Pablo - Thriller
Harumi - Talk About It
Brian Coleman Interview over  Jimmy McGriff
Mantronix - Bassline
UMC - Watch Me Now
Baby James - 21 Questions
Brian Coleman Outro over Cypress Hill/ Greyboy


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